Kimberly Ann Shaffer-Brown

: (904) 315-4584

My first leap into the real estate industry was in the early to mid nineties. It was the beginning of “getting on line” via the world wide web and I was one of many, that worked behind the scenes to get that accomplished for others. Building computers, splicing phone lines, establishing web presence, uploading pictures, designing web pages and training others how to do it too.

Marketing effectively and finding the tools that worked best became a genuine passion for me. Through 2011, I worked with numerous real estate agents, property management companies, rental clients, title companies, lawyers and pubic adjusters.

All of the technological and legal changes that have occurred over the past 25 years have provided many, “learning curve moments”. It has been an honor and joy to continue learning as the industry changes and grows. Over the years, many brokers, as well as agents encouraged me to “go get your license.” Finally in 2014, I decided it was time to take that leap. I enjoy helping people through situations they may not fully understand. It truly has been somewhat of a calling on my life. I believe when we all work together, share our understanding and knowledge, incredible things can happen. Success and win win situations. It would be my greatest pleasure, to guide you through purchasing, selling or renting your home. Every step of the way.

With an attitude of gratitude